Diamond Club Terms and Conditions

Diamond Club Membership


By becoming a Diamond Member (DM), you can earn money while sharing your favorite deals and businesses with first-time users (FTUs). An FTU is someone that has never been, directly or indirectly, referred to the app through the deal-card sharing feature, by any DM.

Diamond Member

A DM is an independent contractor who advertises the app by sharing deal cards to FTUs.

Sharing Deal Cards

A share is performed when the DM uses the “club icon,” the share button on the back of a deal card, or the share button in the business management section of the card (if applicable) to complete the SMS sending of the digital card to a FTU recipient.  This requires the DM to enter in the FTU’s phone number and to send the share message.  It does not require the DM to type in a custom message before sending.

Direct Sharing

When the DM shares a card with an FTU, this is called a direct share, and the FTU recipient is called a direct recipient (DR).  For commission purposes, a DR “belongs to” the DM who shared a deal-card with them when they were an FTU.

Indirect Sharing

A DR can share a deal-card with an FTU in the same way as a DM performs a direct share.  The FTU recipient of a direct share from a DR is called an indirect recipient (IR).  For commission purposes, the IR “belongs to” the DM whose DRs or IRs shared a deal-card with them when they were an FTU.

An IR can also share just as the DR has, and all recipient FTUs “belong to” the DM.

Diamond Chains

When a DM shares with an FTU to create a DR, and that DR shares with an FTU to create an IR, the DM has created a diamond chain.  All links, such as the DR and IRs in the chain can continue growing the chain by sharing with FTUs. However, the chain can be broken when a DR or IR joins the Diamond Club.

When a DR or IR in a chain becomes a DM, subsequent DRs and IRs created by that DM belong to their chain and not the DM that their account belongs to. All DRs and/or IRs created before the DM began their Diamond membership are retained in their DM’s chain.

Commission Rate

The Diamond Member is an independent contractor who earns a commission whenever any person in his/her diamond chain makes a monthly subscription payment to the app.  The current commission is $1.50/monthly subscription payment and is subject to change at any time.  However, if the commission rate does change, DMs are contacted either through e-mail or phone to inform them of the new commission rate.  RCI does not anticipate or intend to ever reduce the commission rate, though it reserves the right to.

Example Commission Calculation

The commission rate is paid for each person in a DM’s diamond chains that makes an app subscription payment.  For example, if a DM has one chain, and that chain has 100 referred users, and 10 of those users register, and one of the users subscribes, then that DM would receive $1.50 for that month.

Commission Payment Timing

Due to the app-hosting payment processing speeds, RCI withholds commission payments until two weeks after the calendar quarter that follows the calendar quarter in which the commission-eligible subscription payment is made.  At a minimum, a commission would be paid within 3 months and two weeks.  At a maximum, a commission would be paid within 6 months and two weeks.

Payment Method

RCI makes payment to DMs through the Paypal payment system.  DMs are paid to the Paypal registered e-mail address that they provided upon registering to become a DM.

Membership Starting Time

DM membership begins once RCI has approved of the DMs application.  A DM will receive a confirmation e-mail from RCI that indicates that they may now begin to earn a commission.

Independent Contractor

The DM role is as an independent contractor to RCI.  RCI gives a general description of the work that needs to be done, and the DMs role is to use his/her expertise to share the app as much as possible to earn their commission.


Though DMs are not employees of RCI, they must follow rules in their advertising.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • A DM may not spread false or misleading information about the app or any of its features
  • A DM may not communicate negative messaging about the app or RCI in any form
  • A DM may not pretend to be an official or employee of RCI
  • A DM may not verbally or physically threaten another DMs or any RCI employee
  • A DM may not commit any illegal acts while marketing for RCI 

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