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Privacy Policy

The purpose of this agreement is to inform users about your collection and use of personal data of users.  Royalty Cards, Inc. (“RCI”) collects user data through the registration process and by monitoring deal redemptions. 


During the registration process, we collect names, emails, and phone numbers.  We collect names so we can call users by their names in any correspondence.  We collect emails and phone numbers to restrict the number of accounts that a user may have and to provide a method or resetting passwords.


When a registered user subscribes to gain access to use our deals, we collect their payment information which consists of credit card numbers and addresses. 

We must collect this information in order for our payment processor to be able to collect payment.

Use of SMS

Users can share deal card recommendations through the app using SMS.  We store and track information that shows which user is making recommendations to other users and outside phone numbers.  This is for Diamond Club commission monitoring purposes.  We do not share this information.


We also use SMS for OTP during the registration process to assist users in setting up their account; specifically, we use OTP when we verify phone numbers when the user enters in a confirmation code that was sent to them by text message.

Deal Usage

We monitor deal redemptions by user, by city, and by state.  By doing so, we can determine if our app is serving the needs of users.  If deal redemptions are low for an individual or group of individuals, we need to know so that we can find ways to improve the apps ability to save our users money.

Information Sharing

We do not share or sell our user information with third parties.  However, if we were contacted by law enforcement, we would assist them by sharing app activity as warranted.

Changing Information

We do not provide a method for changing the information you have provided through registration and subscription.  We will be adding a section in “My Account” where you can update your information at a later date.

Diamond Club Member Tax Information

When a user decides to become a Diamond Member, they must send an imaged copy of a tax form to RCI before they can begin collecting payment for advertising the app.  The IRS requires that we collect this information in order to hire an independent contractor.  We keep this information safely stored and we do not share this information outside of the IRS and RCI administrators who must use it for hiring and tax reporting purposes. 

Diamond Club Member Payment E-mail Address

When a member registers to become a Diamond Member, they must provide RCI with an e-mail address that is registered with Paypal Inc.  RCI uses this e-mail address to make commission payments to the Diamond Member.  RCI keeps and uses the e-mail addresses for payment processing only.  RCI does not share these e-mail addresses with third parties.

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