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About Us

Deck of a Deal is a digital trading card app that features deals and announcements from local businesses. Download the app to find, save, and share your favorite restaurants and shops.

All deals you find are exclusive to the app, which means you can’t find them anywhere else. If you find a deal that you want to redeem, you can save it for later. If you find a deal that you know a friend would like, you can quickly share it with them.

You can also take control of your deal hunting by saving cards that feature your favorite businesses. Check your list as often as you want to see the deals and announcements from your favorite businesses.

We want to get you as many deals as possible from excellent businesses in town, so we have created petition cards to request that a business offer their deals in our app. Once a petition card has traction, we will approach the business and show them what they are missing out on. If you like a petitioned business, please sign the petition.

Lastly, we take care of our participating businesses by never charging them a penny for creating or displaying their digital trading cards. If you have a business and want to include it in our app, be sure to follow the instructions in the app to register for free.

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You have questions, we have answers.

How can I install the app?
You can download the app on this page by scrolling to the top and selecting the installation button that reflects the type of phone you are using.
How do I redeem deals that I find in this app?
Start by registering your e-mail address and using your 30-day free trial. Then find a deal that you wish to redeem. When you are ready to make your in-store purchase, locate the deal and press the redeem deal button at the bottom of the card. The store will give you a 3-digit pin to redeem the deal, and once you enter the pin, you must show the card to the business to confirm redemption.
Which deals can I redeem?
Assuming that you are a subscriber or you are using your free trial, you can redeem any deals that you want, so long as you do not redeem two deals from the same business within your subscription period. If you have chosen a longer subscription period, such as a year, you can redeem one deal per business per calendar month.
When do deals change?
Deals change whenever a business changes them. One business might leave the same great deal on their card all year around, while another business might reward you with short-term offers that you would more likely find if you check their card often.
Why do some cards say “Petition Card” while others don’t?
Petition cards represent businesses that app users have requested to offer deals. The businesses are not participating in the app yet, and in many cases, we have not approached them yet. If you see a petition card that you want deals from, be sure to sign the petition. If you want to see your favorite businesses on the app, start a petition by sending us their names and addresses at
What does the spade button that says “Save Deals” do?
Sometimes users want to save a deal for later, but they don’t want to save the card as a favorite in their Saved Cards list. The user can do just that by pressing on the spade icon found in the bottom right corner of the card. Then, they can go to Saved Deals list in the drop-down menu and access their saved deals. The deals will drop out of the Saved Deals list once the deal is changed or removed by the business.

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