Business Terms and Conditions

Accepting These Conditions

By using this app for business activity, you agree to the following terms and conditions.  Additionally, these terms and conditions may be updated by Deck of a Deal, Inc. at any time and without warning.  

When you register your business, you must follow an additional set of requirements that are in addition to the personal terms and conditions which may also be found on this site.  Specifically, the business terms and conditions herein restrict the type of content that you may publish to your digital trading card.


Zero Tolerance for Discrimination

A digital trading card is the digital card that each business user can update with text or photos to present their business.  We want your digital trading card to be presented in the best possible way.  Therefore, we require that you not publish anything sexual or violent in nature.  Further, you may not discriminate against potential customers based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or marital status.  You may not threaten or disparage any active or potential users of the app in any way.

This is a zero tolerance policy.  If we confirm any reported instance of discrimination, we will permanently remove your digital trading card.  Deck of a Deal is a judgment free app.


Deals and Redemptions

You are not required to offer deals through your digital trading card, but if you do decide to use this feature, consider offering deals that save the customer a fair amount of money.  If this means that you must create a minimum purchase price, please do so.  It costs users an average of $2 per day to be subscribed to the deals.  Try to save them more than that so they can get their money’s worth and they will tell their friends to use our app by sharing your card with them.

Also, if you offer a deal in this app, make sure that it is exclusive to app users.  Nothing is more disappointing than for our user to find out that the promoted deal was an everyday price.  So don’t be lame and take a few minutes to come up with something good for our subscribers.

Lastly, you absolutely must require that users be subscribed before they redeem a deal.  If you are offering your deals to users who do not register, and we find out, we will be forced to remove you from the app.  User subscription payments are the only way that we make our money to keep this app going.


Promotion Codes 

All businesses receive a promotion code and a marketing pack.  The marketing pack includes 100 paper trading cards and a digital image that feature your code.  The code gives new users a 60 day free trial, rather than our standard 30 day free trial.  

When your promotion code is used, your digital trading card is automatically saved in the new users “Saved Cards” list.  Further, if they pay for a subscription package after they complete their free trials, you will receive 40% of revenue that we receive from each of the users that signed up with your code.  

There is no time limit for this commission.  We will send you a check on a quarterly basis that reflects the commission earned in the prior quarter.