Diamond Club Terms and Conditions

Diamond Club Membership


By becoming a Diamond Member (DM), you can earn money while sharing your favorite deals and businesses with first-time users (FTUs). An FTU is someone that has never been, directly or indirectly, referred to the app through the deal-card sharing feature, by any DM.

Diamond Member

A DM is an independent contractor who advertises the app by sharing deal cards to FTUs.

Sharing Deal Cards

A share is performed when the DM uses the “club icon,” the share button on the back of a deal card, or the share button in the business management section of the card (if applicable) to complete the SMS sending of the digital card to a FTU recipient.  This requires the DM to enter in the FTU’s phone number and to send the share message.  It does not require the DM to type in a custom message before sending.

Direct Sharing

When the DM shares a card with an FTU, this is called a direct share, and the FTU recipient is called a direct recipient (DR).  For commission purposes, a DR “belongs to” the DM who shared a deal-card with them when they were an FTU.

Indirect Sharing

A DR can share a deal-card with an FTU in the same way as a DM performs a direct share.  The FTU recipient of a direct share from a DR is called an indirect recipient (IR).  For commission purposes, the IR “belongs to” the DM whose DRs or IRs shared a deal-card with them when they were an FTU.

An IR can also share just as the DR has, and all recipient FTUs “belong to” the DM.

Diamond Chains

When a DM shares with an FTU to create a DR, and that DR shares with an FTU to create an IR, the DM has created a diamond chain.  All links, such as the DR and IRs in the chain can continue growing the chain by sharing with FTUs. However, the chain can be broken when a DR or IR joins the Diamond Club.

When a DR or IR in a chain becomes a DM, subsequent DRs and IRs created by that DM belong to their chain and not the DM that their account belongs to. All DRs and/or IRs created before the DM began their Diamond membership are retained in their DM’s chain.

Commission Rate

The Diamond Member is an independent contractor who earns a commission whenever any person in his/her diamond chain makes a monthly subscription payment to the app.  The current commission is $1.50/monthly subscription payment and is subject to change at any time.  However, if the commission rate does change, DMs are contacted either through e-mail or phone to inform them of the new commission rate.  RCI does not anticipate or intend to ever reduce the commission rate, though it reserves the right to.

Example Commission Calculation

The commission rate is paid for each person in a DM’s diamond chains that makes an app subscription payment.  For example, if a DM has one chain, and that chain has 100 referred users, and 10 of those users register, and one of the users subscribes, then that DM would receive $1.50 for that month.

Commission Payment Timing

Due to the app-hosting payment processing speeds, RCI withholds commission payments until two weeks after the calendar quarter that follows the calendar quarter in which the commission-eligible subscription payment is made.  At a minimum, a commission would be paid within 3 months and two weeks.  At a maximum, a commission would be paid within 6 months and two weeks.

Payment Method

RCI makes payment to DMs through the Paypal payment system.  DMs are paid to the Paypal registered e-mail address that they provided upon registering to become a DM.

Membership Starting Time

DM membership begins once RCI has approved of the DMs application.  A DM will receive a confirmation e-mail from RCI that indicates that they may now begin to earn a commission.

Independent Contractor

The DM role is as an independent contractor to RCI.  RCI gives a general description of the work that needs to be done, and the DMs role is to use his/her expertise to share the app as much as possible to earn their commission.


Though DMs are not employees of RCI, they must follow rules in their advertising.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • A DM may not spread false or misleading information about the app or any of its features
  • A DM may not communicate negative messaging about the app or RCI in any form
  • A DM may not pretend to be an official or employee of RCI
  • A DM may not verbally or physically threaten another DMs or any RCI employee
  • A DM may not commit any illegal acts while marketing for RCI 

Mobile App Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The purpose of this agreement is to inform users about your collection and use of personal data of users.  Royalty Cards, Inc. (“RCI”) collects user data through the registration process and by monitoring deal redemptions. 


During the registration process, we collect names, emails, and phone numbers.  We collect names so we can call users by their names in any correspondence.  We collect emails and phone numbers to restrict the number of accounts that a user may have and to provide a method or resetting passwords.


When a registered user subscribes to gain access to use our deals, we collect their payment information which consists of credit card numbers and addresses. 

We must collect this information in order for our payment processor to be able to collect payment.

Use of SMS

Users can share deal card recommendations through the app using SMS.  We store and track information that shows which user is making recommendations to other users and outside phone numbers.  This is for Diamond Club commission monitoring purposes.  We do not share this information.


We also use SMS for OTP during the registration process to assist users in setting up their account; specifically, we use OTP when we verify phone numbers when the user enters in a confirmation code that was sent to them by text message.

Deal Usage

We monitor deal redemptions by user, by city, and by state.  By doing so, we can determine if our app is serving the needs of users.  If deal redemptions are low for an individual or group of individuals, we need to know so that we can find ways to improve the apps ability to save our users money.

Information Sharing

We do not share or sell our user information with third parties.  However, if we were contacted by law enforcement, we would assist them by sharing app activity as warranted.

Changing Information

We do not provide a method for changing the information you have provided through registration and subscription.  We will be adding a section in “My Account” where you can update your information at a later date.

Diamond Club Member Tax Information

When a user decides to become a Diamond Member, they must send an imaged copy of a tax form to RCI before they can begin collecting payment for advertising the app.  The IRS requires that we collect this information in order to hire an independent contractor.  We keep this information safely stored and we do not share this information outside of the IRS and RCI administrators who must use it for hiring and tax reporting purposes. 

Diamond Club Member Payment E-mail Address

When a member registers to become a Diamond Member, they must provide RCI with an e-mail address that is registered with Paypal Inc.  RCI uses this e-mail address to make commission payments to the Diamond Member.  RCI keeps and uses the e-mail addresses for payment processing only.  RCI does not share these e-mail addresses with third parties.

App Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


The purpose of these terms and conditions is to describe the services that we provide businesses and consumers, as well as to establish the limitations on users when taking advantage of the Deck of a Deal mobile app.  Our number one goal is to obtain your loyalty by delivering exceptional value by saving you money and by building exceptional trust.  These terms and conditions, along with the Privacy Policy, are the keystone to our relationship with you.

About Royalty Cards, Inc. (RCI)

RCI is a sole proprietorship located in Auburn, Washington, USA.  We find the best businesses and convince them to offer the best deals to our subscribing customers in the Deck of a Deal mobile app.  We keep our subscription prices so low that nearly any one deal redemption will more than cover the monthly fee.  Further, we make it free for businesses to publish their deals.

Consumer Services

Our deal service is provided through the Deck of a Deal mobile app.  Subscribers can access the app to redeem one deal from each registered business in each calendar month.  Further, we help subscribers track deals from their favorite businesses by enabling them to press on the “heart” and “spade” icons.  By pressing these icons, the user populates their “Saved Cards,” and “Saved Deals” decks, which they can revisit to obtain deals later, so long as the business has not removed themselves or their deals from the main deck.

Non-subscribing users of our app can register and use the card suit icon features, but they may not redeem deals.

Business Services

The generosity of our participating businesses is the lifeblood of the Deck of a Deal savings app, and we do everything we can to ensure that businesses are able to maximize value from our services.  In appreciation for their generosity, we extend ours by offering all of our business advertising services for free.

We give businesses a deal card that displays their name and contact information, along with space to publish their daily deals.  

Our goal is to bring businesses new consumers, as well as provide a loyalty program through consumer Royalty Decks.  Consumers who enjoyed their last deal at a business will surely track future deals.

Pricing and Billing

Free Trial

Registered users who wish to sample subscription benefits may participate in a one-time 30-day free trial.  The free trial user may cancel their free trial during the free trial period.  If the user does not cancel their free trial, they will be billed monthly at the end of the trial to begin their paid month-to-month, auto-renewal, subscription.  

Month-to-Month (Auto-Renewal)

The price charged for a user’s month-to-month subscription is either the amount that was displayed at the time the user began their free trial or, for users who chose not to subscribe immediately after their free trial, the amount that was displayed at the time the user subscribed. 

While the displayed price is subject to change at any time, the subscriber’s monthly fee will not change unless they unsubscribe.  If a user unsubscribes and then subscribes again at another time, they will be charged the rate displayed at the time they subscribe again. 

Users may cancel their subscriptions at any time by visiting their in-app account page. 

Business Pricing

Deal cards are free to businesses in the current service area (United States) and they must be verified before they can publish their deal card.  In addition to an unparalleled free advertising platform, businesses users receive free deal subscription as a benefit for offering subscribers the best deals they can. 

Other Pricing Information

If a user cancels their subscription, they may not receive a refund for that month or for prior months even if they did not redeem any deals.  We do everything we can to make it easy to cancel your subscription if you are not benefitting from our deals. 

Restrictions on Using the Deck of a Deal Mobile App

In order to register and use the app, all users must agree to the terms and conditions required.  Each of the conditions was selected to ensure the best possible user experience for our consumer and business users.  With regard to using our services, you agree to not:

  • attempt to redeem deals as a non-subscribing user
  • use any technologies, such as robots, data mining applications, to gather information and extract it from the app
  • distribute or post spam, unsolicited messages in any form, or bulk electronic communications to business or other addresses found on the app
  • interfere with the app in any way that would impact its performance, including ways to cause denial of service or the slowdown of the application
  • infringe the intellectual property rights belonging to RCI to include international copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, publicity, and other intellectual property or property rights laws, among other rights
  • infringe the intellectual property rights belonging to third parties affiliated with RCI through their services to RCI.

Additionally, business users agree to not:

·      post obviously weak and uninspiring deals

·      publish deals on the app that are not exclusive to our subscribers while they are posted

·      refuse to redeem deals posted on your assigned deal card

·      redeem a deal without completing the pin-based deal redemption process

·      act on behalf of a business from which you have not received authorization

·      publish information in their deal card which does not pertain to the business or does not contain a deal

·      publish anything vulgar, offensive, illegal, promoting hatred, racist, misleading, pornographic, slanderous, or which infringes on copyrights

You own the intellectual property from the deal text that you post; however,

you must not upload content not originally created by you, or content that you

are not licensed to use by its creator.  You, and not RCI, will be held liable for

any copyright infringement within the content you post.   

Third Party Websites

Businesses may link to their website or other websites within their deal cards.  However, RCI is not responsible for any third party websites that the app may link to.  Users should refer to third party website terms, conditions, and privacy policies when using linked sites.

Refusal of Terms

If you no longer accept these terms and conditions, or any future modification to them, you must discontinue using the Deck of a Deal app and other RCI services.

Right to Termination

RCI reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to deny access to our services, including cancelling subscriptions without refund, to any users who are found to be in violation of these Terms and Conditions, or who are found to be abusing our services in any way.

Legal Action

If we determine that you have violated these Terms and Conditions, we may take legal action to prevent you from using our services.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the United States of America and the laws of the State of Washington.

Modifications to Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions supersede all prior understandings and agreements of the parties.  RCI has the right to modify terms and conditions at any time without notification to its users.